Social Welfare

Tabasamu for Cancer Kids Initiative

An annual event where we visit the cancer Paediatric wards in Kenyatta National Hospital and spend the day with them and have fun to put a smile on their faces a sign that indicates ‘a smile a day keeps the cancer fears away’. We usually target thie National Hospital because we get children from different parts of Kenya all under treatment at the same place. In 2020 when the global pandemic hit Kenya we targetd a number of kids and did food hampers and toys in their homes since hospital visits were restricted.

Caregivers Empowerment

We support caregivers who are left with nothing after their children pass away through giving financial support in venturing initiatives they are passionate about to help them therapeutically as they get busy and also to enable them earn a sustainable income from the same.

Medical Fund drives

We support medical appeals by giving financial support through online fund drives using social media platforms to make sure that no kid in our records miss a session of his/her treatment. This way we easen the financial burden that comes with cancer living up to our mantra ‘NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE’.

Under this program, we have managed to indicate that early interventions which include proper diagnosis and immediate start of treatment of cancer might save a life. This is not all, we have managed to indicate that proper use of current technology herein being social media can be used to change lives. Proper use of social media can be a safe space for all if utilized in the right way.


Fadlcarda Leukemia Foundation is a nonprofit making/Non–governmental Organization registered with the NGO Co–ordination Board under registration number OP.218/051/16–184/10490. Our aim is to have a legion of committed individuals in Kenya and around East Africa to educate the masses about cancer.


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