Emergency Response Program

Water Tank Installation & Quartely Re-fill Location – Rajab Centre, Makomboani Village – Kilifi County

Covid 19 Response

According to the latest data by UNICEF, only 3 out of 5 people worldwide have basic handwashing facilities. Handwashing with soap, when done correctly, is critical in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease but millions of people have no ready access to a place to wash their hands.

Well, Rajab Centre Orphanage, a home/rescue centre located in Makomboani Village in Kaloleni, Kilifi County were part of these statistics. They walked close to 5 KM to fetch water in Jerricans which made it difficult for them to stay indoors during this pandemic.

We, the Fadlcarda Leukemia Foundation with health and children being part of our objectives we embarked on a mission to make a difference in the fight against this pandemic COVID 19. Through support from various social media, we managed to Purchase a water storage tank with a capacity to hold 10,000 litres of water for their daily needs/consumption.

We also do make sure to re-fill it with fresh and clean water 5 – 6 times annually.

Relief Food Distribution Location – Dumpsite, Mayungu Village – Kilifi County

Covid 19 Response

When covid 19 cases were rising in Major towns of Kenya and ceassation of movement was declared by the president in Kilifi, Mombasa and Nairobi as a way of containing the virus.

County governments embarked on distribution of relief foods to less priviledged people and those who were vulnerable to the virus.

Mayungu village in Malindi town Kilifi county is the major dumpsite in the area and the inhabitants are named ‘chokoras’ as they depended on the dumpsite as their major source of food hence felt neglected as part of the needy in the society mostly shunned away. We supported the initiative which was spearheaded by a Medical Doctor in Malindi Dr. Salma Naji and raised 0.4M towards the initiative dubbed ‘Mayungu & Me Initiative’.


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