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Social determinants such as poverty and low levels of education lead to challenges and barriers for those affected by cancer. Yet these inequities can be addressed through targeted policy and programmatic interventions such as universal access to health care services. Recent experiences throughout the developing world as well as developed countries have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce the mortality and morbidity caused by some types of cancers. Innovative approaches can empower the community with knowledge about preventing cancer, to increase access to screening and early diagnosis and for effective treatments. Increased awareness of cancer through communications, information and education programs can help spur innovations in public health programs to empower the public/community to take care of their health.

Among the general public, the burden on cancer is increased due to lack of awareness and adequate information about the disease. For example, some people still believe that cancer occurs due to witchcraft or a cultural curse. Some believe that the disease is infectious, exacerbating stigma against patients.

Tabasamu Cancer Awareness Tour

Through this program we have been targeting areas with least or no information about cancer and advocate for healthy eating to build immunity, and preventive measures through early screening and detection.

We have managed to reach out to the largest low income urban settlement in Africa which is Kibra. We have also reached out to the second largest low income urban settlement in Nairobi which is Korogocho, Garissa County, Mombasa County and Kwale county.

Teen & Toto Cancer Awareness & Mentorship Program

Curbing cancer at its grassroots level by advocating for early detection needs to reach all age groups. Under this program we disseminate cancer information to both primary and high school level. We create awareness on drug abuse and its effects and how it can be a cancer risk factor. We believe this age is under threat when it comes to drug abuse and its better they are aware of the dangers. They can also be cancer ambassadors when they go back home making the information spread widely.

Walk of hope

This is usually an annual symbolic event where we create awareness in the streets of Nairobi city by walking 18km connecting two major informal settlements in East Africa to symbolize cancer affects all social status in the society. We usually have 5 stop over points during the walk which indicate that there are 5 stages of cancer. The blisters and dehydration that comes with walking the 18kms indicate what cancer patients undergo during their treatment.


Fadlcarda Leukemia Foundation is a nonprofit making/Non–governmental Organization registered with the NGO Co–ordination Board under registration number OP.218/051/16–184/10490. Our aim is to have a legion of committed individuals in Kenya and around East Africa to educate the masses about cancer.


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