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Baby Firoz

Age: 2 Years

From: Mombasa County

Cancer Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Baby Firoz was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 2 yrs and 6 months in 2018.  It first started with frequent infections, swollen lymphnodes on the neck and three of his limbs broke without any kind of external factor but because of weak bones. It was easier to detect A.L.L since he appeared to be having similar symptoms as that of his elder brother who was years back diagnosed with the same type of cancer. This was a blow to the family with 2 children going through the same condition.

He was referred to go abroad for proper management and they started treatment in India. He managed to survive through Induction, Consolidation and Re-induction phases which were the most intensive stages of the treatment. He continued with maintenance phase in Kenya which comprised of 30 chemo sessions which included an LP chemo after every 3 months. The maintenance phase took 2 and a half years. He is currently through with all the sessions and now considered to be on remission.

He will be on clinical follow up for the next 5 years before declaring him cancer free. Hes currently in Nursery school progressing well.


12 years
Osteogenic Sarcoma
Underwent a successful surgery to salvage hand.
Currently under treatment

Master Faris

13 years

Age: 9 YEARS

From: Malindi, Kilifi County

Cancer Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Faris was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer known as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 9 years in 2015. This came after a long term illness of frequent infections, anaemia and blood clots oozing from most body openings. They decided to seek further treatment in Tanzania since it is said Medical is cheap in Tanzania with proper diagnosis.

In Tanzania, after various tests his parents were informed he had blood cancer and was referred back to Kenya to seek treatment at the National Hospital.

He underwent all the stages of treatment from Induction, consolidation and re-induction then advised on 24 chemo sessions under maintenance phase. When he reached the 18 chemo session the family had exhausted all their sources of income and this is where we came in.

He developed complications on his liver noted when he started becoming jaundiced and after some various tests it was found he had gall stones. He underwent a major surgery to remove the gallstones which brought about removal of his gall bladder. He couldn’t complete the 24 sessions since his liver was inflamed. He reached 21 sessions.

Hes currently on remission progressing well  and goes to his clinic until after 5 years is when he can be declared cancer free.

He is currently 15 years old in high school form 1.

Baby Samantha

Age: 2 YEARS

From: Ruaka, Nairobi County

Cancer Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

At a tender age of 2 years back in 2018 after frequent visits to different hospitals, hell broke loose to a family in Ruaka Nairobi. It wasn’t what they expected, though they were eager to know why their daughter’s health was deteriorating but cancer, no way. The doctor breaking the news shattered their lives and happiness but they also thanked God above for finally the exact problem has been known.

She’s been under treatment ever since 2018 and the dad, being the only breadwinner managed it all through until 2020 the year of pandemic globally, COVID – 19  happened.

As if the cancer robbing happiness and finances in the family wasn’t enough, the dad lost his job early in the year 2020 due to Covid-19. He still managed keeping his family’s daily needs including that of Samantha’s monthly chemos and medications aside from her special diet and other family needs from his savings that he saved while he was at work.

Few months back, his savings got depleted and turned to close family and friends of which they were also struggling.

The dad, resorted to “Kazi ya Mjengo” atleast to put food on the table at the end of the day. But it became difficult to get her daughters medication and monthly chemos. She had only 6 cycles to finish the race. Which is once per month on 5 days admission at the National Hospital. They have an active NHIF card but they need to top up a certain amount at every time of discharge and also due to some shortage of cancer medications in the hospital some have to be bought from other hospitals by the dad and deliver at KNH for her daughter not to miss a dose. This is where we picked the story up to support the remaining 5 chemo sessions out of 24 under maintenance phase.

Baby Haimana

Age: 7 YEARS

From: Komarock, Nairobi County

Cancer Type: Thyroid Cancer

Haimana was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer stage 4 at the age of 7 years. The diagnosis came after ailing for many months from chronic TB to Pneumonia. All this while the doctors couldn’t understand exactly where the problem was. She was even put on TB medication for 6 months but in vain. At one point her lungs became very weak that she became dependant on a portable Oxygen Tank which she also had to carry it whenever visiting a hospital including a generator.

Not much could’ve been done in Kenya because she was the first child diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Kenya. The mother searched online for solutions until she got another hospital in India and plans started for them to travel to try treatment in india.

Through online support, various people including the then Nairobi Governor came through.

She underwent various surgeries including removal of her vocal chords and thyroid. She also also undergoing various sessions of Radioactive Iodine Therapy as part of her treatment which is done once after every 6 months. She’s on a lifetime calcium and thyroxin medication because she doesn’t have the thyroid gland.

Baby Zuma

Age: 4 YEARS

From: Taru, Kwale County

Cancer Type: Burkitt Lymphoma

In January 2020 little Baby Zuma was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer known as Burkitt Lymphoma which when managed well the chances of survival is high. With the disheartening news his father decided to face the challenge head on. 

From Taru in Kwale County, father and son would take a motorbike ride all the way to Mombasa for treatment. That’s about 69 kms. Young boy would patiently sit for two and a half hours trusting his father’s hospital rides every three weeks. Baba Zuma initially thought he’d manage. As a primary school teacher he knew at least he had a medical cover to support the treatment. The cover lapsed just after the boy took first cycle of chemotherapy. Worried, he started disposing every asset he had in the house. Every single trip to hospital he would part with between 120-150K for his son’s chemotherapy, lab tests, immune boosters, doctor’s fee etc. As soon as he couldn’t find anything else to sell in the house, he opted to form a friend’s whatsapp group. But this didn’t go for long. Few months later, friends started exiting the group. 

Later on Baba Zuma informed the doctor that he couldn’t manage to bring his son to hospital for the third last treatment cycle due to lack of funds.

His doctor insisted it’s too risky to leave it at that stage. He pleaded with him to try his best. The dose was absolutely necessary for the little champ and that when the doctor brought into our attention his case. With support from social media the fund drive was successful when a guy called Ndungu Nyoro came across it and due to his network of followers we reached the target and baby Zuma managed to finish up his chemo sessions and underwent a surgery to remove a chemo port too. He’s currently on remission and will be on clinical follow up for the next 5 years before declaring him cancer free.

Baby Hudheifa

Age: 5 YEARS



Hudheifa was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 5 years in the year 2018. It started of with a short illness and an abnormal drop of white blood cells. Due to the high cost of treatment the mother, a housewife and father a long distance truck driver decided to seek treatment in Tanzania since it was believed in TZ treatment costs is cheap. He was diagnosed with blood cancer and they reffered him back to Kenya since Kenya is more advanced on cancer treatment than them.

They seeked treatment in Eldoret at Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital. Hes now under maintenance phase and is scheduled to complete in November 2020.

Baby Jaji


Age: 3 YEARS



Somewhere in Kilifi County in Magarini constituency in a village called Marereni lives a family which poverty is an understatement.

Baby Jaji now aged 3 years was born a healthy boy in a family of 2 siblings and a disabled grandpa a mother whose a housewife and a dad whose a bodaboda (PSV Cycle) rider.

Life was normal back then until mid-2020 when he developed some issues with his eye and diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (a type of cancer). He was referred to start treatment at The Coast General Hospital and booked for 2 cycles of chemotherapy unfortunately he was anemic  and received treatment for his anemic condition. They went back home and never returned back from Kilifi to Mombasa for follow up and management due to financial constraints and the recent doctors strike.

He’s currently receiving treatment at the National Hospital.


Baby Cara Amor

Succumbed to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 3 years

Baby Maria

Succumbed to Neuroblastoma at the age of 4 years

Baby Fadl

Succumbed to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 1.7 years.

Baby Khadar

From Dadaab Refugee camp. Succumbed to Embrynonal Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of 4 years

Abdiaziz Aden

Was given 3 months prognosis and made his last wish to perform pilgrimage which is the 5th pillar of Islam. He succumbed to Metastatic Sarcoma at the age of 23 years.


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