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Emergency Funds

Running an organization needs funds from time to time helping those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

What We Do

Awareness and Education

a). Tabasamu Cancer awareness Tour –  We disseminate cancer information in areas that receive less or no information at all and advocate for healthy eating to build immunity, and preventive measures through early screening and detection.

b). Teen & Toto Cancer Awareness & Mentorship Program – Disseminate information in primary and high schools to enable each child take the message home and also give them mentorship for them to become better people.

c). Walk of hope – An annual event where we create awareness in the streets of Nairobi city by walking 18km connecting two major informal settlements in East Africa to symbolise cancer affects all social status in the society.

Social Welfare

a). Tabasamu for Cancer Kids Initiative –  An annual event where we visit the cancer paediatric wards in Kenyatta National Hospital and spend the day with them and have fun to put a smile on their faces a sign that indicates ‘a smile a day keeps the cancer fears away’.

b). Caregivers Empowerment –  We support caregivers who are left with nothing after the children pass away through giving the financial support in venturing initiatives they are passionate about to help them therapeutically as they get busy and also to enable them earn a sustainable income from the same.

c). Medical Fund drives –  We support medical appeals by giving financial support through online fund drives using social media platforms and pay directly to the hospital or the child’s medical account. This way we easen the financial burden the family is undergoing through living up to our mantra ‘NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE’.

d). Emergency Response – We have installed a 10,000 litres water tank in an orphanage based in Makomboani Village whereby through financial support from social media we fund the refill costs for clean safe water for the children as they used to walk 5km to the water source which wasn’t safe for them.

Our Activities

    Our Background

    Fadlcarda Leukemia Foundation was founded in honor and loving memory of Baby Fadl Hamid. Fadl was 15 months old when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in January 7 2016.

    Current Fund Drive

      Our Volunteers

      • Adan Rashid Mohamed

        I believe in a Kenya where all the kids regardless of their abilities, tribe and religion access equal educational opportunities. However, this is not the case in Kenya. One of our core values is collaboration. We value the fruits of combined effort to achieve greater impact. That is why we involve our stakeholders to build sustainable community-based partnerships geared towards creating quality education in underserved communities.

      • Asha Said

        I love working with women and Children. Fadlcarda being a charitable organization dealing with children mostly, it drove me to work with them as a volunteer covering their photography needs as well as doing the campaigns online and also on the ground.

      • Ilyas Ibrahim

        I like giving back to the community in any way that I can and am glad to be a volunteer at Fadlcarda to give back using my professional skills.

      • Nahashom Mutahi

        I am a volunteer with Fadlcarda. My journey as a volunteer started when one of my closest friend the late Abdiaziz Isac Adan (may God grant him Jannah) was diagnosed with cancer.

        Total Fundraise Done
        6.7 M
        Total Fund Raised
        5 years
        Since inception


        Fadlcarda Leukemia Foundation is a nonprofit making/Non–governmental Organization registered with the NGO Co–ordination Board under registration number OP.218/051/16–184/10490. Our aim is to have a legion of committed individuals in Kenya and around East Africa to educate the masses about cancer.


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